How to set up your workstation


Small adjustments to your workstation can pay huge dividends for your health. Follow these tips to streamline your working environment .


  • Computer screens should be directly in front of you, about arms length away from your head.  The top of the screen should be roughly eye level. Try to avoid reflection from sunlight or overhead lights.
  • Chairs should be adjustable so you can sit with your knees slightly lower than your hips.  They should support your spine properly and you should sit with your back against the back of the chair.  Or use a rolled up towel or cushion if your chair isn’t supportive enough.
  • Feet should ideally be flat on the floor – if not, use a footrest.  Avoid crossing your ankles or knees – sit with feet and knees comfortably apart.
  • Keep wrists straight (use a wrist rest if you want), and keep elbows straight rather than bent up or down.
  • If you need to constantly interact with co-workers or customers, position your desk so you don’t have to crane your neck awkwardly to do so.
  • Position frequently used objects within easy reach.
  • Use a headset if you spend lots of time on the phone.Take regular screen and desk breaks.  Rest your eyes regularly.
  • Ask your employer for an occupational health assessment.



Tips for using Laptops


Keep your laptop straight ahead of you  while working

Use a laptop stand – or some directories and books to lift your laptop to eye level

Use a separate USB keyboard and mouse to avoid wrist and neck strain