NORDIC WALKING – What is it?

Nordic Walking is an enhanced walking experience that uses poles to work your upper body as well as your legs.  The result is a highly effective all over workout that doesn’t feel like one!  Nordic walking is a fun and social activity that can be done in town or country throughout the year.

Do I need to be fit?

If you can walk you can Nordic Walk!

Nordic Walking is really is for everyone. The poles mean that effort is shared between the upper body and lower body so it actually feels easier than normal walking, particularly uphill.  Its really good exercise for problem areas such as the arms, stomach and bottom.  But forget no pain no gain, this is no pain, all gain! Nordic walking puts less strain on joints than other activities and can be very effective for people with mobility issues or those recovering from illness or injury.

Already exercise?
is it for me?

Nordic Walking was originally developed from cross country skiing, which is considered the best all body workout. Its a great way to strengthen core muscles, improve posture, and complements a wide range of sports and outdoor activities.

What do I need?

The simple answer is nothing but a pair of Nordic walking poles. Nordic walking poles differ from trekking poles as they have a special grip to allow you to fully exploit the upper body work. Walking shoes or trainers and layered clothing will help you enjoy the activity whatever the weather but you can wear what you would wear if you were going for a walk.

I am a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor

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