“She makes me laugh through the pain…… And breathe!!!!!”

Julia King

“This is the only class that keeps my back pain manageable and allows me to keep functioning and working!”

Jan Abel, Neurologist Physio

Pilates is really good for developing core body strength and increasing flexibility. It has helped my back and stiff legs enormously.

Carol Groome

“Pilates is fabulous because its combination of exercises to improve strength and mobility improves the performance of all sporting activities. In addition, it is of great benefit for many people with back problems and poor posture.

Lorraine considers those individuals that do have musculoskeletal problems and adapts the exercises accordingly.

Last but not least, she makes the classes fun!”

Norma Warren (retired Physio)

Lorraine is a friendly, approachable and enthusiastic teacher, whose classes I look forward to” “She never misses a trick with her personal tuition, despite being in a group lesson. Combines fun with fantastic routines. Highly recommended – without any doubt”

Jeff Buck

“Lorraine teaches in such a way as to inspire! She’s fun and classes are always different. She provides plenty of challenging exercises with a variety of levels.

Since attending Lorraine’s classes my back is functioning much better, due to consistent stretching, flexing and developing core strength. I very rarely have backache if I attend and do pilates exercises regularly. (I used to have problems walking, sitting and laying down!!!)”

Lise Beynon

I have been attending Lol’s classes for 3yrs now!!
Initially, I was working full time and had annual medicals which drew attention to the fact that I was getting shorter! I was therefore advised to start stretching and Pilates was mentioned that’s when I found Lorraine.
At my last medical in Nov 2011, I have grown by 15 mm, from 5’7.5” to 5’8, this can only have been due to the continuous training and workouts I have been receiving on a weekly basis with Lorraine.
I have been in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease since 2010 and retired from full-time work at the end of 2012, fortunately, my symptoms continue to be mild, coupled with 2 jogging sessions per week I continue to remain physically supple, most of my class are unaware of my medical condition.

The classes are very informal, Lol’s method of coaching is very laid back, but effective. She continually supports the class and offers individual coaching within the class environment. My whole family do it now!

Its probably the best £5 I spend each week!!!”

John Peachy